Purple dragonflies

Purple Dragonflies week of 2-16

Hello Purple Dragonfly Families!

We all enjoyed our Laura Numeroff Author Study over the past 2 weeks! As we hoped, by last Friday, almost everyone could tell us her by name when we introduced the story and were VERY excited to hear another wonderful book by such a great author.  We encourage you all to head to the library and check out some of her terrific books!
When we return to class tomorrow, after this President’s Day holiday, we will talk a bit about the holiday and why we were off, and then kick off our next unit… MATH IN OUR WORLD.  During this unit, throughout our days we will participate in activities focusing on numbers, counting, sorting, grouping… and shapes, looking all around for various shapes in our classroom, as well as outside.  We encourage you to expand this into activities with your children — while driving to and from school, all around the house… Look for shapes, count the stop signs, count the green cars, trucks, vans… Hunt for items in books you read at bedtime.  
Attached, you will find copies of our Curriculum Web, which will give you some specifics on activities we will be doing during this unit, as well as upcoming School Visitors.  The Curriculum Web will also be downloaded to the Preschool Website later this week along with some new pics of your children having fun during classroom activities.  Be sure to take a gander. 

Most of you have already signed up for Conferences.  For those who haven’t yet, the sign-up is on the shelf by our classroom door.  Believe it or not, they begin next week, on Mon., Feb 22nd.  We will hold them all week.  Beatriz and I have collected lots of information and are looking forward to meeting with you.  Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with us. 
Denise & Beatriz

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